Streamer, Editor and full time bison enthusiast!

About me

My name is Matt, I live in the United Kingdom and enjoy streaming, video editing and gaming.

I have two years experience editing as a hobby and have recently started learning more about editing professionally. I am currently doing freelance editing for a few youtubers/twitch streamers and have also dived into the streaming world myself. I am trying to expand my brand and skills and hopefully take my work to a professional level.

I started streaming on Twitch at the beginning of 2021, as of June 2021 I became a Twitch affiliate and continue to stream regularly.

I want to start pushing myself more into a career path I'm interested in, video editing and film production is always something I've always had a large passion for and is something that I believe I can grow into a strong career.

Twitch Streaming

Monday: 6:30pm BST

Wednesday: 6:30pm BST

Friday: 6:30pm BST

Saturday: Any Time

Sunday: Any Time

Video editing

To send an email regarding video editing work, please get in contact via my business email through the link below.

Emails and questions

Please send any work related emails or questions to the adress below