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The aim of the ItsDefinitelyTF2 servers are to create both a community space and a place for people to play TF2 without having to worry about bots, hackers or targeted abuse. The server is also tailored for streamers including fast commands access, a third party anticheat and a link to sourcebans, which stops people who are banned from other community servers also running the plugin from joining. The aim is to create a space that can be used at any time by anyone, and will be used for events featuring in my streams and YouTube content. If you are a streamer/content creator and would like access to the aforementioned streamer commands, please contact myself through either my email located on this website or through discord [ItsDefinitelyMatt#6967]

Thank you for the continued support, this is all made possible because of our wonderful community :)

TF2 london server

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